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SUCELLOG goal is to foster the involvement of the agrarian sector in the supply of sustainable solid biofuels. SUCELLOG will achieve this goal by:

  • Providing technical support and helping decision-making to agro-industries willing to start operating as solid biofuel logistic centres
  • Creating capacity building in regional and national agrarian associations to provide support service to their associates and so ensuring permanent capacity in EU beyond the end of the project

The expected outputs of the project include the following:

  • Agro-industry logistic centres:
    • 4 new agro-industry logistic centres
    • Direct technical support to 44 European agro-industries starting new agro-industry logistic centres
    • More than 1320 advice services provided to the agrarian sector
  • Training to agrarian associations:
    • 15 regional and 4 national skilled teams to carry-out auditing and dissemination activities in Spain, France, Italy and Austria. Training of agrarian associations in other 3 countries in EU28
  • Awareness creation:
    • 88 workshops and engagement events in participating countries to create awareness about opportunities for the agrarian sector
  • Supporting materials:
    • Elaboration of 3 handbooks and 2 technical guidelines to provide support beyond the project


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